When ever I've painted leaf springs I've taken them apart and done all the surface area and added new rubber pads between them. Sounds like this might be unnecessary if there is just light surface rust though. » 1/15/15 11:24am 1/15/15 11:24am

I'm OK with this because its not a disgusting piece of plastic. If they had stamped it like in previous versions it would have been awesome. As is - its just a big tacky piece of plastic that will fade in 5 years. » 1/14/15 10:58am 1/14/15 10:58am

As a panther owner I disagree on the reliability and modability arguments. With a blown motor you automatically lose reliability also a more heavily blown motor is less reliable than a lightly blown one. Also in terms of mods, engine swapping a FWD platform is much much more difficult. » 1/13/15 5:08pm 1/13/15 5:08pm