great review. My Marquis is my fast car compared to my land cruiser. The thing I hate the most about my grand marquis is how uncomfortable the middle seat is in the rear. Its just plain awful. It would also be nice to have a pass through compartment to the trunk. too bad they put the gas tank there. » 7/22/14 7:17pm Tuesday 7:17pm

I'm sort of hit or miss on this one. Basically it boils down to using your head. Have I overloaded my FJ80 before, yes many times. I am confident that the GVWR on that vehicle is limited by the brakes - so give yourself lots of room to stop. On the other hand, I once overloaded my girl friends subaru Outback with… » 7/22/14 12:55pm Tuesday 12:55pm

I like the look of the fauxtina. But it seems like a lot of work for a so so paint job. How were you planning to paint the car? Do you have a gun and compressor? or roll on rustoleum? Have you considered non-textured durabak? » 7/18/14 10:15am Friday 10:15am

I'd never consider it because of the ecoboost. Give me the 5.0 and I'd give it some serious consideration. The EB might be good around town but isn't appropriate for actually working. » 7/17/14 10:12pm 7/17/14 10:12pm